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Your Questions About Oasis Dating Site

Lisa asks…

Is oasis active a good site to find a relationship?

Has anyone use oasis active dating site and what do you think about it?

admin answers:

I’ve never heard of it…:) Of course its a great site!  Thats what my site is all about! Check it out here

Helen asks…

Has anyone met someone on Oasis & then met them in person?

Obviously in a public place to start like at the pub. Getting sick of pub scene with sleazy business men (probably with wife & kids at home) would like friendship, fun & drinks with someone I’ve met on Oasis (dating site) but not sure if they may be just the same??

admin answers:

Yes , I wrote an article about the  numerous user stories of meetings and successful relationships on the oasis site dating forum.

Carol asks…

Is Sarah Amponsah Post Box 436 Accra Ghana West Africa A Date Scammer ?

I meet her on Oasis dating site , and I need too Know if she is Honest

admin answers:

If she’s asked for money for anything she’s not honest. Ghana and Nigeria are known for online dating scams. And here she is on another site saying she is from Ukiah, California http://badoo.com/01101389403/ but if you contact her she’ll probably say she had to go to Ghana for work and is stuck there and just needs you to send money so she can come home

But the real Sarah Amponsah is a 12 year old junior champion swimmer http://swimmingtimes.com/db/swimmer.php?sw=286760

Charles asks…

Online dating – Oasis active?

Is that site any good?.

admin answers:

I’ve never used or heard of that site before – but i did review a lot of popular ones here that have good steady prospects:

Dating Sites

Hope that will help you in choosing a site to join!

Mary asks…

Can anyone think of a good dateing site?

and don’t worry am not one of these girls who goes and meets the guy in like 2 days or a week

I have tryed lots most of them are not that good

dating direct
oasis dating
lonely hearts
date the uk
please could u help me out what I could put about my describe :)
please could u help me out what I could put about my describe :)

admin answers:

Hi, I love your question.I think it’s important that you’re happy and if you can find someone you have something in common with, or are compatible, that will help. I live to read, and am more or less insatiable. I actually met my boyfriend on
Book Lovers Dating which is the future
you can click on that if you want. There are others I guess, but that’s the one I fell in love on, but so if that’s not a book lover I don’t know what is. But their database connects all over the world, and some cool features and free.

Mandy asks…

should I break up with my partner(sending photo’s of his privates)?

we are both joined on oasis a dating/friend site we both occasionally go on to chat to people and i’ve made some decent friends on there.
I was just chatting to a nice girl and she saw the pic of me and my partner and she said they have spoken before and she told me about the photo he sent her and sweet messages he sent her, they havn’t met yet but were planning to because they live close. she was very honest and nice and angry at him and forwards all the text messages to me. my partner and I live together Im 20 he is 25 and he comes home in 6 hours. (1am) she also said he sends hee photos all the time and the last one was 6 days ago.
I am so angry as we are in a very serious long term relationship i cannot stop crying, he did cheat on his ex of 2 years (3years ago) and has told me he’d never do that again and has changed since then.. also a month ago I was looking at his photos in his phone and there was a photo of boobs and I said who is this and he said some unknown skank who sent me the photo and he had forgetten to delete it, he treats me so well but ive never been able to fully trust him because he is very confident and flirty and always kisses girls on the cheek as a greeting.
what should I DO?
we promised each other we would never do anything that we wouldnt do infront of each other and this is being dis – honest.
p.s he has been flirting with his girl for 5ish months

admin answers:

Frustrating to say the least, you do need to talk to him and let him know how upsetting this is, and why the behaviour is not acceptable, I think he already knows it is not acceptable, ask him about the rule of you do things only that you would do in front of each other. There would have to be a serious turn around or counselling or something to fix it.

Chris asks…

Should I? or should I not?

My friend broke up with her unemployed older boyfriend a few months ago and she still has feelings for him. When I spoke to her she said she’s creating an oasis active account, (an Australian internet dating site), she created this fake person, who is supposedly a hot blonde. She showed me it and she’s tricked so many young males for her desire. I mean the account is tacky, I myself would notice something fishy about it if I were an unfortunate young male looking at her account. I told her that it was stupid, because they’ll know she’s fake. But apparently not judging from the comments she’s been receiving. I’m going to tell her, but I’m not sure if I should in a very confrontational manner? Because what she is doing is wrong.

admin answers:


The first two words(My friend) in your question does not have any good meaning…after reading your question..


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Answers to your Questions about Dating Online.

Your Questions About Online Dating Reviews

Ruth asks…

Do you know sites with adult online dating reviews?

searching for a good site ;)

admin answers:

Hehehe…You horny :)

however there are lots of review sites on the internet, the fastest I found is here. It has a good review of one dating site.

Have fun!

Sharon asks…

what is the best place for online dating in Australia?

what is the best site for online dating in Australia? Links? Reviews? Thanks in advance for the answers

admin answers:

A GAY BAR. Well thats not only for australia mainly the us congress

Helen asks…

Where can I find dating reviews of Australian dating sites. e.g. aussiematchmaker or rsvp.com.au?

I have seen many online dating sites and not sure of all the dating options I am being shown? Where can I find an independent review of these dating sites and dating advice?

admin answers:

I’ve seen several such sites around, but I think the best one is http://aussie-dating.com – they have all the stuff you are looking for with lot’s of dating advice, questions and answers section and online dating site reviews. They also have a dating newsletter which I signed up to and got a coupon code to sign up to a dating site (aussiematchmaker.com.au) I was thinking of joining so pretty happy with that!

William asks…

Honest opinions please.Which online dating sites would you honestly recommend?

I have tried online dating in the past and I would like to give it another go, but I don’t know which ones to join as there are so many out there who’s just trying to lure you in for money and doesn’t really care if you find somebody or not. I have this notion that the free sites are full of scammers and players so I don’t want to join those. I am an honest,good looking professional woman, and I don’t meet a lot of potential partners where I live plus the fact that my work hours are really irregular. I guess online dating is really ideal. Also I would like to meet somebody from the US (long story…lol), is there a site where people are open to meeting/interacting with people not within their 100miles radius? Any suggestions? When I try to google online dating services reviews, most of the sites that shows are those sponsored by the services themselves so they are biased plus some blogs which are way way back from 2007! I want to read more recent reviews + comments on these sites. People with a personal experience on this are welcome to comment. At the moment, I am looking at datingdirect website, but I read some rather not so nice reviews about them, so I’m a little sceptical. Thanks so much people.

admin answers:

I recommend Live Date Search. Simply because there, you can be sure you will meet real people who will share your interests. Not worrying about scammers because of their strong scam detector.

Richard asks…

Where can I find a review of online dating sites?

I found an eHarmony coupon code site at:


They had a full review of eHarmony as well as had the latest daily updated eHarmony promotional codes listed. They also had a huge list of online dating sites that they reviewed in great depth and detail.

admin answers:

I did a quick google search for “eharmony promotional code”
and came up with:


Seems to be a site geared towards online dating reviews. Looks to be run by a 30 year old female attorney who is chronicling her experience on eHarmony.

Chris asks…

Best place for online Dating for Teenagers?

What is the best place to go to for online Dating for Teenagers? Links? Reviews? Thanks :)

admin answers:

Www.trevorspace.org :)

Donna asks…

What is the best online dating site?

Looking for the best online dating site – any suggestions or reviews? thanks

admin answers:

Depends what you’re looking for. If you’re mainly looking for action you should read this guys experience with dating sites http://bit.ly/gNK9yJ

Personally, I want a relationship, so I like Eharmony and plenttyoffish. Match.com is pretty good too.

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